Top Posts

Hey, there. Welcome.

Every once in a while, we connect deeply with another human being. And for a few moments you don’t feel quite so alone in the world.

I haven’t figured out why certain posts resonate with readers more than others. But somedays, the tension in my soul spills over and is caught by readers wrestling with the same thoughts.

Below are those top five posts.

When You Want to Author Your Child’s Story | parenting, hope, surrender | 06.16.14


What God Told My Daughter | parenting, sanctification | 05.26.14


Choosing to Weep | justice, equity, diversity, community, Ferguson | 12.05.14


The Orphan Boy | hope, redemption, Jesus Storybook Bible | 05.12.14


When You’re Scared to Write in Pen | hope, parenting, courage | 1.1.1pens


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