Series on Suffering

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Suffering impacts everything. It reaches beyond our circumstances and grabs our hearts, influencing how we interact with others, how we view ourselves, and even how we view the gospel. If you’ve engaged with Repurposed for any length of time (or if you’ve watched from afar), you’ve read numerous posts about wrestling and surrender. The stamp of suffering has imprinted almost all we hold dear.

And I believe God is glorified when we admit our desperation for Him.

Back in 2012, I sat down with men and women and crafted a Series on Suffering for my original blog out of those conversations. We examined events, reactions, coping… and of course, redemption, too. Because Repurposed is about surrendering, begging God to transform us, and then impacting those around us, I thought it was fitting to touch base with those original men and women and see how they’re doing — four years later.

Parenting a disabled child, miscarriage and infertility, an eating disorder, a marriage ended by cancer. We’re hitting some hard ones, and you’re invited into their stories. You’ll find each of their original interviews followed by an update.

Please dare to “go there”. Allow yourself to identify with certain aspects of their stories and boldly study your own suffering. Your own reactions.  Your own coping mechanisms. The healing starts there.

And please invite others over to RepurposedShare the interviews and updates with people in your own communities facing similar issues. Allow my friends’ boldness to speak into their suffering. Let’s join God in healing the world, one person at a time.

Story 1
Parenting A Disabled Child (Original Story and Update)


Story 2
Miscarriage & Infertility (Original Story and Update)


Story 3
An Eating Disorder (Original Story and Update)


Story 4
Losing A Spouse (Original Story and Update)