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As headlines are ever-unfolding, the topics of unity, racial reconciliation, and justice remain at the forefront of many of our minds. How can God be glorified as we respond to these issues? To what is He calling the Church? Will He really grant the wisdom, discernment, humility, and courage that we need?

I serve as a speaker and facilitator with Relate2Color, a Christian diversity consulting firm. Our team exists to promote cultural responsiveness, steward diversity, and encourage justice through a Gospel-driven lens. While we create real-life spaces for conversations to occur, here at Repurposed, my hope is to invite your heart and mind to wrestle with these issues, too. May we have the courage to extend the dialogue to our family, friends, and colleagues — in whatever corners of the world we live and work and play.

Below are posts written on these very topics as I navigate what God has placed in my own path. May we never lose hope, and may we never lose the courage to take another step forward.

A Lesson Before Going on the Air: Regret, Empathy, and Rescue | 11.28.17
…When self-absorption leads you to ignore your community and the battle raging in your neighbors’ hearts.

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Thanksgiving: How Are You Shaping the Next Generation? | 11.21.17
May we consider the words of Abraham Maslow — “In any given moment, we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety.” Is the next generation — the children and teens in your life — absolutely sure of your deepest convictions? 

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Who’s Across Your Table? Tips for Conversing During Tense Times | 09.30.17
Kneeling during the National Anthem, polarizing political views, and more — it’s time to leave the echo-chamber.


4 Ways to Confront Your Own Biases | 08.15.17
It’s often easier to join a movement of mercy or establish a cause for justice than to examine your own heart. Real change begins with self-examination. This post is published at RelevantMagazine.com.

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A Time to Speak: Finding Courage | 01.27.17
Do you ever want to just work hard and mind your own business and keep your mouth shut to as not disturb the peace? Is that really what God calls His Church to do?


#WhatADoctorLooksLike | 10.15.16
Do you ever assume things about people (or not) simply because of their appearance or race?


Race, Culture, and the Church | 05.29.15
Our counter-cultural God — He woos me out of judgements and man-made religion.


Without Prejudice | 12.13.14
Can you see God bringing together diverse people taught to hate and mistrust one another as He writes His Rescue Story for generations to come?

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Choosing to Weep | 12.05.14
Weep with those who weep (Romans 12:15). When the call for justice and equity rises above the hope of a silent night…


Ferguson: I Am the Problem | 09.22.14
Maybe the daunting task of impacting culture begins with one foot in front of the other, one conversation at a time.

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