Advent Devotionals

Advent Series

Are you feeling unsettled by the expectations and urgency of the season?

Let’s challenge each other to not detach this Christmas, but rather, go deeper.

Here is a collection of 12 advent devotionals to help you navigate the contrast of your heart’s longing with the whirling of culture right now.

Day 1 | Substance
Day 2 | Eternity
Day 3 | Grief
Day 4 | Identity
Day 5 | Hope
Day 6 | Thirst
Day 7 | Personality
Day 8 | Fear
Day 9 | Surrender
Day 10 | Winter Solstice
Day 11 | Global Perspective
Day 12 | The Whole Story

Where are you tempted to detach? Where do you need to go deeper? Let’s transform 12 days of this Christmas season into one like we’ve never had before, and may God forever be glorified.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.