My Favorite Posts of 2015


Happy (almost) New Year to you all.

After publishing my Top 3 Posts in 2015 earlier this week, I wanted to reveal which ones struck a chord with me this year… I mean, really struck a chord. It wasn’t an easy thing to select my three favorite posts, for I happen to know the backstory to every single one. It’s more than having a front row seat to the drama. Instead, the drama happens within your very heart and mind long before it comes out on paper.

I see God’s miracle of redemption in each one. Just last night I was telling my 14 year-old my story — the part when I truly woke up to the ugliness of my sin and grasped the beauty of the Gospel. (I was 30.) These stories here — and all the others in the Repurposed archives — boast of God’s redemption. He is healing and redeeming the world, and He does it by healing and redeeming individuals.


Choosing Substance: Winter Solstice | hope, redemption, the Rescue, advent | December 21
Choosing Substance: Winter Solstice | hope, redemption, the Rescue | December 21

I wrote the original version of this post in response to a mass invitation from a blogger. “Winter Solstice” was the theme. That’s all he gave us. But my goodness, what came pouring out in a short amount of time was God’s grace to me. I learned that all my hiding and confusion and shame led me to crave the Sunrise. I saw my Rescuer in a whole new way — a Sunrise who was dependable and consistent and would always come — regardless how long the night seemed to be.

When You're Suffocating in Your Own Story | surrender, the Rescue, advent | January 8
When You’re Suffocating in Your Own Story | surrender, the Rescue | January 8

When You’re Suffocating humanizes Joseph and Mary. As recent headlines told the world about the refugee crisis, my mind came back to this post. “Joseph and Mary — and the Rescuer of the world — are refugees.” Their lives were dramatically impacted by another person’s sin, but they remembered who they were. They furiously clung to their purpose. This post may resonate with you if your life looks different than you’d planned, if you’ve ever felt inadequate, or if you’re grasping for control.

And my number one favorite…

When You Need Something Bigger Than A Sunset | traveling, surrender | August 21
When You Need Something Bigger Than A Sunset | traveling, surrender | August 21

I’m sure you know what it’s like to long for something (for a really long time) and not get it. Not only do we feel sad or disappointed, but often we feel foolish for hoping in the first place. And I absolutely hate feeling foolish. I tend to overly regret in general, and feeling foolish just heaps on more shame. We say God’s ways are higher than ours. We try to believe His thoughts are greater and His wisdom surpasses ours. But when it happens — when His ways heal you far more than what you were longing for ever could — well, it sort of leaves you speechless. If you’re begging God to work… if you’re prayers aren’t being answered… if you have a tidy plan all figured out — this post is for you.

So there you go. Thank you again for reading and being part of Repurposed — this cyber community who is craving God to repurpose our lives. May you sense God’s relentless pursuit of you as you ponder how He’s healing and redeeming you.

PS – A close runner up was Choosing Substance: Fear. 🙂

photo source | Aaron Burden

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Posts of 2015

  1. Oh Christan! I loved your “When You Need Something Bigger than a Sunset” post! Thanks for sharing your heart. Your writing is just beautiful and conveys your heart freely and without fear. I know, you struggle with fear, too. But the writing is fearless! And inspiring. All I can say is thank you. And happy new year.

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