When You Forget What It’s All About


God said.  And there was light.  Promise born from void.  Hope rising over fear.

God said.  And there was sky and water —  reminding us  the world is much, much bigger than ourselves.

God said.  And there was land, dirt, earth — the very canvas on which His Love Story would unfold.

God said.  And there were trees and plants — forever fostering life.

God said.  And there were sun, moon, stars — the eternal promise of morning for those that weep.

God said.  And there fish, birds, animals — reminding us we are more complex, more cherished.

But with man, and with woman, the Master Orator becomes the Master Potter.

Up close and personal, He fashions man from dust and breathes life into him.  Breathes purpose.  Breathes hope.  Breathes the Love Story right into him.

He gives him rest — deep rest — and then intentionally forms another one in His image.  Woman.  With bone, He creates and opens her eyes, beaming into her face.

The first image she saw was her Maker, not Adam.  God planned to be alone with her.  Eve’s first page in her story was the Redeemer she did not yet know she would need, the Rescuer that would save her from her own mess.

The Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save.  He will take great delight in you.  He will quiet you with His love.  He will rejoice over you with singing.  Zephaniah 3:17 esv

Go back there.  Go to the One who wants to be with you.  Go to your Rescuer.  Go to the One who delights in you.  Go to His peace, His quiet, His rest.  Go to the one who  celebrates over you.

Return to the sacred relationship when life seems to get the best of you.

Return to intimacy with your Maker when the drama becomes too much.

Return to that place when all you can see is your Rescuer, your Redeemer, your God who delights in you.

Believe the truth of the One who got up close and personal, forming a Love Story with His hands after a week of speaking Creation.

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